Friday, July 31, 2009

Costa Maya heating Up!

Since their arrival to the island, the Costa Maya delegates have been busy preparing for meet and greets, visits to several different places on the island and the week leading up to the 'big night' has just started. On their first day on La Isla, the delegates were hosted at the Fido's Courtyard for a little taste of the night life in San Pedro. As seen below, the ladies got several opportunities to take their pictures, get autograoph and dance the night away in their honor.

With manager Tom of Fido's.
(pics courtesy SP SUN)
Cheers ladies and good luck to you all!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

International Living Postcards

International Living Postcards—your daily escape
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Moving and living abroad for any reason is a big decision. Even if you're only thinking about a part-time move, the list of challenges can be long. But Belize is one politically stable little Central American country that strikes a couple of those big challenges right off the list. Especially for anyone from the U.S., Canada, or the U.K., it's probably one of the easiest places on earth to relocate. And the fact that it's beautiful and affordable only sweetens the deal.

Formerly British Honduras, Belize is a true Caribbean paradise. And it offers several important pluses for anybody looking to ease into a move abroad. First, English is the national language. You'll be talking to store keepers, real estate agents, taxi drivers, bank tellers, and waiters in a language you already understand. Even more importantly, any contract you enter into will be written in English. Strike off your to-do list the challenges of learning a new language and needing multiple versions official documents.
Second, the Belize dollar is pegged to the U.S. dollar at two-to-one, and the U.S. dollar is commonly accepted in Belize. Strike tricky currency conversions, anxiously watching exc hange rates, and constant trips to the casa de cambio off the list.
Third, the tax situation in Belize is easy to manage. No taxes on foreign-derived income. No capital gains tax. No corporate tax. No inheritance tax. That's easy, isn't it? Strike convoluted foreign tax rules off the list.
Fourth, the population of Belize is a little over 300,000. That's not the population of the largest city in Belize... that's the entire country. And Belize is only 180 miles long and 68 miles wide. So it's easy to find the people, offices and resources you need to get things done. Strike getting lost in the crowd off the list.
Fifth, Belize has the Qualified Retirement Program, and you don't have to be retired to take advantage of it. If you’re at least 45 years old and have a monthly income of at least $2,000 from a pension or annuity (including Social Security), you can qualify. This allows you to bring all your personal goods to Belize tax-free. Strike from the list the maze of customs and duty regulations that exist in most other Central and South American countries.
Last but not least, it's easy to enjoy yourself in Belize. With miles of tropical coastline, the second-longest barrier reef on earth, some of the best diving and snorkeling on the planet, lush forests and mountains, immense natural preserves, vast river and cave systems, and a wealth of important Maya archeological sites, there is always something to do in Belize.
Add it all up, and Belize makes it easier than almost any other country on earth for you to make your move abroad. Stay happy and healthy,

Dan PrescherPublisher, International Living
P.S. The best way to find out if Belize is right for you…is to take a trip to check it out first-hand. A "Chill Weekend" is a benefit of an International Living subscription—discounted trips to a small group of exotic destinations. On the next chill weekend to Belize, you'll get all of your questions answered about living on Ambergris Caye (the Caribbean island off the coast of Belize), buying property, and the business culture here. All your food and accommodation…even a cocktail party…is included. Normally a trip like this would be expensive…but look out later today for details of how you can get a trip like this at a big discount.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Costa Maya Schedule


Thursday, August 6th
Reina de la Costa Maya International Pageant
Belize Dance Company
Jackie Castillo (Belizean Singer)
San Pedro Dance Company (Belize)
New Generation Dance Group (Belize)
Mario Mejia (Guatemala)
Delegates: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize

After Party: Banda Sensacion (Honduras)

Friday, August 7th
Opening Gala / Mega Concert
Dance presentations by the following countries:
Belize: Belize Dance Company
Mexico: Alma Caribeña (cabaret show)
Guatemala – Mario Mejia

Supa G & Danger Zone

Saturday, August 8th
Abner Babil – Reggae/Reggaeton (Belize)
D.C. Creation Dance Group (Salvador)
Banda Cubana (Cuba)
Cristian Castro

Sunday, August 9th
Night for the Family
Dylan Jones (Belizean comedian)
Dizzy Creation Dance group (Salvador)
Pan Tempter Steel Band (Belize)
San Pedro High Rock Band (Belize)
Comedian – Adrian Uribe (international comedian)

Pageant Schedule

Thurs, July 30, 2009 - International Airport All delegates arrive in Belize. Delegates will be met by Chaperone and Pageant Director.
Discovery Expeditions Day tour of Downtown Belize City and Museum.
Riverside Tavern Lunch in Belize City
Delegates will be traveling to San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Venue of the Pageant.
Ramon's Village Resort Delegates Check In.
BC's Bar & Grill Delegates will be given an orientation of the pageant and activities by Pageant Committee Members
Hidden Treasures Dinner

Fri, July 31st, 2009 7:00am Ramon's Village Breakfast
Seaduced by Belize Delegates will be going on all day Mayan Tour
7:30pm Hosted by San Pedro Lion's Club Delegates leave hotel to attend Noche Sanpedrana which begins at 8:00pm. Introduction of the delegates and official sashing.
Sat, Aug 1st, 2009 7:00am Ramon's Village Delegates breakfast
9:00am Tour and shopping in San Pedro
12:00pm Ramon's Village Delegates return to hotel
5:00pm Delegates must finish and hand in biography and questions sheet that will be used in judging.
7:30pm Elvi's Kitchen Dinner
El Patio Lounge Town Outing with stops on popular night clubs.
11:30pm Delegates leave to return to hotel.

Sun, Aug 2nd, 2009 9:00am Late breakfast
11:00am Day trip...swimming, snorkeling...enjoying San Pedro. Light snack provided.
5:00pm Delegates return to hotel.
6:45pm Sunset Grill Dinner
11:00pm Delegates return to hotel
Mon, Aug 3rd, 2009 7:00am Ramon's Village Delegates' breakfast....Miss Costa Maya, Mexico, El Salvador on Reef Radio and Local TV
8:00am Rehearsal
12:00pm Lunch with Mayor Elsa Paz
2:00pm Rehearsal
4:30pm Delegates leave to return to hotel
6:45pm El Patio Restaurant Dinner
11:00pm Delegates return to hotel

Tue, Aug 4th, 2009 7:00am Ramon's Village Delegates' breakfast. Miss Guatemala and Panama on Reef Radio and Local TV.
8:00am Rehearsal
12:00pm El Fogon Lunch
2:00pm Rehearsal
5:00pm Moon Dancer Boutique Swimsuit Modeling Show. Official Luxury Bikini Launching of Lemon Cruch Belize.
7:30pm Hidden Treasures Dinner

Wed, Aug 5th, 2009 7:00am Ramon's Village Delegates' breakfast. Belize and Nicaragua on Reef Radio and Local TV.
8:00am Rehearsal
12:00pm Mickey's Place Lunch
2:00pm Rehearsal
4:30pm Delegates leave to return to hotel.
7:00pm Pier Lounge World Famos Chicken Drop
8:30pm Stage rehearsal

Thurs, Aug 6th, 2009 7:00am Ramon's Village Delegates' breakfast. Honduras and Costa Rica on Reef Radio and Local TV.
8:00am Final Stage Rehearsal
12:00pm Ramon's Village Lunch
2:00pm Interview with judges
5:45pm Delegates leave to go to pageant venue
8:00pm Pageant
11:30pm Delegates leave to return to hotel
Fri, Aug 7th, 2009 Delegates return to their respective countries except for the winner.

Monday, July 27, 2009

4th Annual Film Festival kicks off

As one of the "kings" in the documentary that kicked off the Belize International Film Festival, Mr. Peters and the Boom and Chime Band performed for the the crowd at the reception/cocktail party prior to the opening film. Peters is featured in the opening film "Three Kings" which was filmed, produced and directed by Katia Paradis The long awaited 4th edition of the festival, which runs through Aug. 2, promises local festival goers a look at highly acclaimed international films as well as the regular treat of recently released and some not even released as yet films. (excerpts San Pedro Sun)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New site launched!

Wondering where to stay for your upcoming Belizean Adventure in Ambergris Caye?! is the newest online source for all things resorts. Browse through our 'Top 10' and our 'Featured Resorts' list choices as voted from popular online/travel magazines.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What do I need to know about purchasing a home on Ambergris Caye?

What do I need to know about purchasing a home on Ambergris Caye?

Bordering the Caribbean Sea between Guatemala and Mexico in Central America, Belize has rapidly become one of the most lucrative and sought after real estate investments.
With the current real estate crisis in the United States smart investors are looking for appreciating Real Estate elsewhere. Belize offers just that with prized seclusion, exquisite island presence and affordable property prices. With the foreign market gaining steam, Belize's Real Estate is an asset.

**The only English speaking country in Central America.
**Livability: A subtropical climate, virgin rainforests, amiable atmosphere and glistening beaches
**Profitability: Flexible fiscal incentives and concessions, Commercial Free Zones, Export Processing Zones, and Repatriation of profile and dividends.
**Stability: Exchange rate fixed to the US Dollar ($2.00BZE = $1.00) for over 25 years.
One of 'Mother Nature's Best Kept Secrets' Belize is unmatched for all those dreaming of a new future and fresh experiences.
With contracts and negotiations in English, navigating the purchase process is simple.
Foreign buyers are able to purchase Real Estate in Belize with no restrictions, leaving them the same rights to own freehold property title deeds as a native.
Belize is home to schools with high academic standards, good health care facilities, historic homes and convenient local shopping.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Pedro Library gets new look

Artists at work, painting a gorgeous tropical mural on the walls of the Library building.
The San Pedro Town Public Library has a new look, and the new mural is courtesy of generous donations and serious fund raising by the Library Committee. Painted by Denroy "Smurf" Norales, Eluterio Carrillo and Elvis Quetzal, the mural is expected to be finished within 1 1/2 days, or by Thursday, July 23.

7 Belizeans recieve US Scholarships

Seven Belizeans will be going to the United States to participate in two different education exchange programs. Ted McKoy of Dangriga, Anya Moguel of Santa Elena, and Maggie Ruiz of Belmopan will be studying in Amherst, Massachusetts as part of a five-week study of the United States InstitutionsStudent Leaders Program.
This program selects twenty students from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama to strengthen their leadership skills and understanding of US culture and society. Meanwhile Brian Almendarez of Cayo, Dale McDougall of Belize City, Elzafania Bol of Toledo, and Latanya Gamboa of Belize City will leave for the United States in early August to attend a year-long international exchange program. Brian Almendarez and Dale McDougall will be studying media at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida; Elzafania Bol will study Health Sciences at Greenville Technical College in South Carolina and Latanya Gamboa will study Health Sciences at Gadsden State Community College in Alabama.
The students are expected to graduate with a certificate in their field of study or an Associate’s Degree. Both programs are being sponsored by the United States Embassy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Being Belizean American

Discovering Belize by Nicole McKinstry

My name is Nicole McKinstry and I consider myself to be a Belizean-American. I was born in Corozal, Belize which is the most northern town of Belize that borders Mexico. Since I was plucked from Belize at the tender age of six months, I cannot describe our house, what we did, or even what we ate, but even so, my home in Houston was the setting for a variety of Belizean holidays, traditions, and routines.
My family’s history points everywhere else except residing in Belize. My grandparents on my father’s side are from Barbados, whom after whirlwind travels to Africa, England, and other parts of the West Indies, simply just fell in love with this Caribbean escape and decided to settle there. They built a farm in Cayo which believe it or not, was next door to my mom’s farm, but their love story didn’t begin until later on. I’m told my grandfather built the house and a boat at the farm by himself. He was called crazy for building a boat so far away from the sea, but when a hurricane came and flooded parts of Belize he was the one smiling and waving in the end.
My mother’s side holds our Lebanese and Scottish roots. I do not know much history of this side because a lot are scattered throughout Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and the States. I do know that I have to eat taboule, which is an Arabic dish that my taste buds do not agree with and that names like Nazha, Aisha, and Nasim run in my family. Speaking for my Scottish side, the only thing I can manage to say is there are a lot of us and we are Catholic. Period.
My parents to this day have spent 50% of their lives in Belize and the other half of it in the States. They managed to spend their childhood, adolescence, and part of their adulthood in Belize and with that comes many aspects of Belizean culture. We, Belizeans like food. We like rice, beans, rice and beans, and meat - and plenty of it. Since my parents grew up on this staple diet (or lack of), we at home in Houston eat rice and beans or rice with beans for most of the week. Being the hyphenated American, we also enjoy our baked potatoes, Tex- Mex food, and any other cuisine, but for the most part it’s an unmistakable choice every night - rice and beans or rice with beans.
As part of any culture, there’s its music. I like to think my parent’s met under a musical moon, or for the not-so-romantic, at a dance. My dad was one of the few white, non-Spanish of Belize and I think my mom liked him for that very reason. My mom was at a dance with her friend who desperately wanted to go home because no one would ask her to dance, while my dad was trying to coax my mom for a spin. My mom refused to leave her friend so my dad got one of his friends to do him a ‘favor’, and the line, “Can I walk you home, Ms. Reyes?” at the end of the night was it. The type of music I’m sure was played at the dance was the hits of the bell-bottomed 70s, as well as the Belizean flare. In Houston, Belizean music was and still is part of my life. At any celebration, party, or a simple get together my family plays Belizean hits from artists such as Gil Harry, Punta Rebels, Titiman Flores, and Griga Boys, as well different Caribbean genres like calypso, soca, and ‘rockers’. Now we simply have added that basis and incorporated American music into our festivities. But I must say, no one is as rhythmically enhanced as a Belizean.
Moving away from the music of Belize, there is an even more important culture trait which is language. It is important to note that yes, the official language of Belize is English, but when you hear it, it doesn’t sound like English a foreigner can easily identify with. This is the language of Belizeans, which is called Kriol. There’s been arguments across the board that say the dialect of English Belizeans speak is exactly that, just a dialect. There are others who say Kriol is a full blown language having a uniform grammatical system. Whatever your stance is, it is different.
As a Belizean-American my family and friends speak to me in both Kriol and in English. I do hesitate in answering them back, but I’m completely aware of what it is they are saying. My parents talk to each other and amongst their friends in Kriol and when I was smaller they would constantly refer to me and my siblings as ‘pickney’ a Kriol word meaning kids, which I think more sounds like rodents than anything else. I’ve been scolded with not particularly Kriol sayings, but sayings said in Kriol, like “you deh fly past ya nest” or “you only deh one ruud lee baby”. The first means you’re going too far from what you know and you’re bound to get in trouble and the second means that I never did anything right as a child. Jokes and stories were always told in Kriol within my family. I still relish in listening to my grandfather tell stories of wrestling with snakes, meeting my grandmother, and doing daredevil stunts- true or not, with a hint of Kriol they are so much more compelling and entertaining .The point that I’m trying to make is that my ears have grown accustomed to Kriol. It’s a cultural trait that I may not have by the reins, but I think I’m stably mounted on the horse.
Being a Belizean-American is not an identity crisis for the most part, it can be frustrating on where I check under ethnicity or if people ask me, “So what exactly are you?”, because I’m simply bewildered as what to say. I’m still compelled to say Belizean for the most part, but my geographical location says differently. I like being American because honestly I do have better opportunities as an American than as a Belizean. Being American things can be overwhelmingly fast-paced, but things are on time and there when you need it. I have more options of anything I could desire in the U.S., but on the other hand, I identify much more with Belizean Culture because of what my family has instilled in me. Belizeans have a sense of strife, a desire for working with your hands, and a more relaxed view on life. Things seem to slow down in Belize, money although wanted and needed, is not more important than family.
To be honest, I wish Belize was better off economically and politically than it currently is, but that’s in the hands of Belizeans that are there. The handful of Belizeans I have met here in the States that have left Belize or are studying abroad, always have that urge to do something for their country and that speaks of the quality of its vibrant people, no matter where their lineage or location lies. Belize is in its own sense is a melting pot just like the States is deemed and in the end as a Belizean-American, I am just blessed with the two.
Happy Adventures!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cases of Dengue reported in Cayo

Over the past week residents of the Cayo District have expressed concerns about the recent outbreak of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in that locality. In the absence of the Director of Health Services, Dr. Michael Pitts, Deputy DHS Marjorie Parks said that since dengue is endemic to Belize it is expected that there will be sudden occurrences on an annual basis. Parks said because of Benque Viejo’s proximity to Melchor de Mencos in Guatemala residents in that town are experiencing a slight increase in the number of cases because Melchor is considered a hotspot for the illness. She further mentioned that the Ministry of Health has already begun an awareness campaign on proper health practices to avoid the fever by destroying breeding grounds for the Aedes Aegypti mosquito responsible for its spread.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Belizean Fisherman's guide to Belize

Belizean Fisherman's GuideWhat a catch!
Today my father's old fishing pole lives a lonely life just outside of the village of Trujillo on the north coast of Honduras. I miss that old fishing rod and reel, but not enough to go fetch it back from where it spins its days in the country I now refer to as hell on earth.My father taught me how to fish when I was five years old. Until he passed away in 1996 he went fishing each and every year. Besides his deep affection for my mother, his other love was to wade out into the surf and let the ocean pound away at him as he would cast far out across the waters and beyond the continual procession of endless waves.
When I think of my father I do not think about him dying a torturous death from lung cancer and the treatments that the doctors offered in vain, I think only about him smiling and fishing.To this very day that is what I love about fishing, the fact that it made my father forget so easily the hardships of life onshore. I also love the fact that once the hook has lost it's bait to a curious fish, it's always rewarding to return to the beach to re-bait my hook and to dig deep into my cooler for an ice cold beverage. Despite those that have taken an art form to an industry, well I still love fishing for what it is, a sport, a means to forget about the challenges of life and a way to put food upon the dinner table.These days, when fly fishing has high jacked the art of the spin reel, many approach fishing for all the right and wrong reasons. It should be about pleasure and not about the bottom line.
Catch and release sport fishing...
Fishing the lagoon flats...
Regardless of my opinion, the pleasure of fishing has become a way for many people to make obscene amounts of money Sunday to Saturday off those that are trying to escape their on personal ball and chain. For it's no longer simply about room and board and a boat and a guide for the day that baits the hook and takes you to that sweet spot where you can catch a fish, it's more about bragging rights and trophies and having the name dropper fishing equipment and the old one up-manship. It's all about checking off your score card, Permit from Belize, Salmon from Alaska, Barramundi from Australia, Giant catfish from Cambodia and Trout from Mongolia.Although world class anglers fuel the Belizean sports fisherman industry that provides a lot of jobs to local fishing guides and resort employees and regardless of the fact that is supported by many of the premier outfitters across Belize, the reality is that fishing is big dollars. Not only are anglers arriving in droves to fish the idyllic Belizean waters from the rivers to the lagoons to the open sea with an assortment of gear and equipment that can cost more than the average local family has access annually, more and more they to are feeling the squeeze.A recent survey by determined that an angler, after paying for their flights from destinations primarily in the US and Europe, will pay as much as US$595.00 per day to fish. Based upon what we found, a seven night lodging package with six days of fishing for one person in a boat with one guide will cost US$2175.00. This package does not include required air transfers from the international airport ion Belize City, no beer, and no gratuities. Worst yet, the price does not even include lunch during each day of fishing. That's right, you are stuck on a boat paying over US$362 per day and they do not even provide lunch.Sadly, that was the cheaper of the big three.
The most expensive fishing provider in Belize charges US$4,040 for the same seven nights lodging with six days of fishing. Of course they at least provide the single angler with the previously required air transfers from Goldson International Airport in Belize City as well as all beer, colas, rum and box lunch while chasing down fish.
The best advertised bargain in Belize still will cost the complete angler for that seven nights lodging with meals and the services of a qualified guide, US$2,950.00 per person. And though this particular outfitter also does not include alcohol in the package, I can personally attest to the fact that their hospitality, atmosphere, quality of both the food and more importantly the guide that leads one to the fish, absolutely blew the other big outfitters literally out of the water.
Although you can find an independent guide with his own boat down in Punta Gorda and I know of at least one that will take you to the fish for less than US$150 for a half of day of fishing. But even this guy is often hired out by a local resort that charges an arm and a leg to go to the same fishing hole.All said, consider that I have baited you too in this article, for over the next three editions of I will detail my adventures in fishing with the best of the best for fishing in Belize. For myself as well as the editors of, well we all hope you stay hooked.

For more related stories and articles, visit

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scheduled power outages!

The primary cause of the problem is the break-off of supply from Mexico.

Belize’s Public Utilities Commission has warned consumers of electricity to brace for more frequent and perhaps more prolonged power outages in the weeks ahead. The primary cause of the problem is the break-off of supply from Mexico, from the Comisión Federal de Electricidad. But adding to the crisis is the failure of the BEL Gas Turbine plant at Mile 8 to produce power to relieve the emergency.
Here on Ambergris Caye, we already see an arsenal of portable generators already up and running behind the old BEL power plant. We only hope that these will be enough to sustain power on the island and not cause multiple power outages, as these can be detrimental to our tourism industry that is already in “slow motion”.
Already announced for this weekend are scheduled power outages for Saturday and Sunday:
Saturday, July 18, 2009 will be Feeder 1 which is all of Barrier Reef Dr. This will commence at 6:00am until 12:00Noon
Sunday, July 19, 2009 will be Feeder 4 which is all of Angel Coral Dr from Hol Chan Office, Coconut Dr., to the end of the line @ Boca Ciega. This will commence at 6:00am until 12:00Noon

Friday, July 17, 2009

Town Council sponsors summer camp for kids!

In keeping with the youths, sports and culture portofolio, the San Pedro Town Council has commenced its annual Summer Camp for kids ages 7 to 16. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) sponsored Sports Summer Program kicked off on Thursday with a parade. All camp participants took to the streets and made their way to the Old Footbal Field where orientation took place. Over a hundred kids signed up for camp and during the weeks they will be engaged in sports playing basketball, soccer, volleyball and softball. Organizers for the camp are Debbie Spain and Councillor for Youths and Sports, Pablo Ico. (Pic: SPSun)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More H1N1 Influenza Cases confirmed in Belize

On July 14th, The Ministry of Health confirmed Fifteen more cases of Influenza “A” H1N1 has been reported in Belize. The cases like the previous five are connected to the Corozal free zone and presented mild flu like symptoms. However, the ministry reported today that all these cases have recovered and they await the results of twenty two outstanding samples that were sent to CAREC early this month. The ministry continues with enhanced surveillance and education countrywide and advises the public to take the necessary precautions to avoid further transmission. Again the ministry advises that there is no need to limit mass gatherings at this time and people exhibiting flu like symptoms should report to the nearest health facility.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Action packed Costa Maya Weekend!

With only a few weeks away from the much anticipated Costa Maya Festival, finals preparations are copming into place. On Monday the Festival Committee announced the gate prices:

Prices Adults Kids
Thursday: $25 $15
Friday: $25 $15
Saturday: $90 $40
Sunday: $30 $10
Season Pass: $100 $45

The schedule shows as follows:

Friday, August 7th, Opening Gala
Gates open at 7:30pm Opening CeremonySupa G, The Belize Dance Company, La Alma Caribeña, DC Creation, Mario Mejia
The Belize Dance Company presents the Flag Dance while Mexico will present La Alma Caribeña, a group of 16 from Chetumal, Quintana Roo. From El Salvador DC Creation which will highlight a bit of tango and classic dancing, with a mix of modern/contemporary dances as well. Straight from Guatemala, Mario Mejia will make his Belizean debut after which the night rocks with Supa G.

The general, Supa G performs friday night!

Saturday, August 8th International Night

Gates open at 7:30pm Cristian Castro, Abner BabilLa, Alma Caribeña
Abner Babil– singer/musician will take to the stage. Performances by La Alma Caribeña complete with feathered head-dresses and much more! Of course, the big show of the night will be the international performer Cristian Castro.

Christian Castro, International singer for Saturday's big concert!

Sunday, August 9th Night for the Family

Gates open at 7:30pm, Belizean comedian Dhillon Jones will begin the “laugh out loud” show followed by the jokes and comedic act of Mexico’s Adrian Uribe. Andrian Uribe

Adrian Uribe, Mexican Comedian

Don't Miss out on this years action oacked weeekend! Mark them Calenders, August 6th to 8th!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lion's Club installs new President

The San Pedro Lions Club was founded in 1975 for the purpose of serving the community of San Pedro. Accomplishments have included the founding of and continued support of the first health care facility on Ambergris Caye. Since its founding the Lions have successfully carried out numerous community projects which have benefited the local schools, elderly and poor in the community. The San Pedro Lions Club members consist of approximately 55 men and women, who through their efforts continue to serve the community of San Pedro, the country of Belize and the world.Click here for a little more history.

Melanie Paz, Lion's President 2009-2010

On Friday, July 11th, Outgoing Lion's President Senator Eiden Salazar adressed the gathered at the Lion's Den and thanked the public for the success they saw under his stewardship. This gave way to installing the new 2009-2010 President, Melanie Paz. Paz has been an active members of the Lion's Club for quite some years and stated that she would do her best to fullfill the goals and dreams on the club. Having served as Director and Vice President, Lion Paz is eager to take up the new post and has already established a plan for the upcoming three months.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Project! Vote now!

The public's help is needed on this project! A proposal for the Marco Gonzalez Maya Site has been put in place at the National Geogrpahic "Geotourism Challenge 2009". An important part of the entry is input from the general public. Will you take a FEW minutes to go to the website and pull up our entry, check it out and post a comment about the importance of the project to the island, culture and education for our children and guests.

Jan at the Marco Gonzalez Site

Find the red arrows with the boxes in between. Put cursor over each box to find the GeoTourism Challenge and click on it. ON left side you will find ENTRIES (not nominations). Click on Entries. That will open all 611 Entries. IN list menu, click on "Country". That will alphabetize them.

**On top of page 3 is our Entry from Belize - "Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Project". After you read, scan, enjoy the information, the bottom is available for your Comment to be posted.

Thank you for helping in this important matter. Voting is July 15th to see if we make the cut to 10/15 finalists. Then we will have more work to do before final voting in December. There are interim prizes we may qualify for, so again, your help is very much appreciated.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rising Cost of Living in Belize

And while Guatemala City has a high crime rate – Belize has a high cost of living. The statistical institute of Belize announced on Thursday, July 9th that the quarterly rate of inflation reduced by one tenth of one percent in the last quarter. If your wallet didn’t already tell you – that’s not good news. It dropped an encouraging one point six percent in the first quarter of the year. The marginal second quarter decline was due to a decrease in prices for food beverages and tobacco which fell by 3.7%. But transportation and fuel went up by 8.8%. (excerpts from 7News)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maya Island Air adds regional flights

If you prefer to fly or are a frequent flyer and want to get to either Guatemala, Honduras or Cancun in less than an hour, then worry no more. Yesterday, July 8th, Maya Island Air became Belize’s first regional airline when it inaugurated its direct flights to Cancun and Guatemala City. But it won’t come cheap. A flight to both routes will cost upwards of three hundred U.S. dollars.

For a look at the rates and schedules, click on

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Felicita to represent Belize in La Reina de la Costa Maya

This year, local singing sensatioin Felicita "Leesha" Arzu has been confirmed to represent the jewel of Belize in the much anticipated Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant.The 24-year-old brunette, “Leesha” as she is affectionately known, is a Communication Studies lecturer at Muffles Junior College (MJC) in Orange Walk Town. As a determined promoter of education, Leesha followed in the footsteps of her mother and two sisters who have been committed and dedicated educators. Education is key and the role of an educator is imperative to any society.
Felicita Arzu, 24

Leesha spends her free time reading, dancing, singing, traveling, socializing and listening to a wide range of musical genres. The five foot eight inch beauty has graced the stage as Belize’s beauty ambassador for the Miss World pageant in December 2007 which was held in Sanya, China. Holder of the title Miss Orange Walk 2004-2005, Leesha also has a passion for music and was also crowned Love FM’s Countrywide Karaoke Champion in 2004 and Fiesta FM’s Karaoke Champion that same year.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tropic Air's new terminal opens

In just one year after their ground breaking ceremonies on July 6th, 2008, Tropic Air has opened up its doors to its new terminal. Although not completely finished, the move of their dispatch department to the new building was necessary for the old dispatch building to be removed. This will allow for the final stages of the project and surrounding areas to be completed.
Inside the terminal it is very open and spacious to handle the busy schedule of Tropic Air’s hourly flights and accommodating the many customers who commute in and out of San Pedro on a daily basis.
One feature that stands out at the terminal is a giant round aquarium which people can admire as they wait to board their flight.
Tropic Air is planning to hold an official inauguration of its new terminal facility in the near future once all the final touches have been made. But for now, Tropic Air customers can enjoy the luxury and commodities of the new terminal.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Proposed golf course?

Does anyone know about the Proposed Golf course in Ambergris Caye?? What is the status on this project or were the puppet masters simply blowing smoke?? Where is the intended location for this project or is this all false information being circulated??!! Comments, opinions and facts welcomed....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th America!

Happy Independence Day to all our American Friends....wherever you are, let your patriotism shine!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Barrier Reef placed under UNESCO's "Danger list"

The Belize Barrier Reef System and Los Katios National Park in Columbia are the two natural sites added to the List of World Heritage in Danger, following the advice of IUCN.
Composed of seven protected areas, many small mangrove islands and coastal lagoons, the Belize Barrier Reef System is home to a number of threatened species, including marine turtles and the American crocodile. A series of technical assessments and a joint IUCN/UNESCO monitoring mission to Belize in March 2009 revealed alarming developments such as extensive mangrove cutting and sale of mangrove islands. The Belize Barrier Reef, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere, is also the country’s top tourist destination. “By adding the Belize Barrier Reef to the List of World Heritage in Danger, the World Heritage Committee is acting to ensure that one of the world’s most outstanding natural places is being protected and that the international community is doing its utmost to support Belize in its conservation efforts," says Tim Badman, Head of the IUCN delegation at the World Heritage Committee meeting.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Belize FAQ's

Belize is the only Central American country with English as its official language. However, you will hear a medley of Creole, Mestizos and Spanish in some of the greetings you'll hear:

Hey, how yu di do? (Translation: Hello, how are you?)
Weh di gwan? (Translation: What's happening?)
(Creole)Buenos dias! (Translation: Good morning!)
(Spanish)Yu all rite? (Translation: How are you?)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tourist's 10 Commandments

The Tourist’s 10 Commandments

1. Thou shalt not expect to find things as thou hast them
at home, for thou left home to find things different.

2. Thou shalt not take anything TOO seriously, for a
care-free mind is the beginning of a fine holiday.

3. Thou shalt not let other tourists get on thy nerves,
for thou art paying out good money to enjoy thyself.

4. Remember to take only half the clothes thou
thinks thou needs and twice the money.

5. Know at all times where thy passport is, for a person
without a passport is a person without a country.

6. Thou shalt not forget thou are a representative of
your country at all times.

7. Thou shalt not worry, for he that worrieth hath no
pleasure - few things are ever fatal.

8. As a stranger in a strange land be prepared to do
as its people doeth.

9. Thou shalt not judge the people of a country by
the one person who hast given them trouble.

10. Remember thou art a guest in other lands, and
those who treat their hosts with respect shall be
treated likewise.