Monday, September 28, 2009

Food Cook-off - The Belizean Way!

The Lime Bar's trend of hosting cook-offs has been the buzz around Town for some time, and on Friday hosted yet another spectacular culinary cook-off. This time, Belizean Cuisine was the subject of scrutiny as over ten culinary enthusiats took to the challenge to dish out their best Belizean meal. Food critics and those that stopped by for the benefit tasted food such as salbutes, black bean soup, beef enchiladas to delcious chicken tamales. The number 1 dish was the overall winner which were the Salbutes from El Fogon, Miss Susana won an green Ipod Shuffle!
Over ten dishes were submitted
(Pics courtesy BoydiesBlog)
Lime raised over $500bz for Foths/Saga Humane Society which was ok as it was a quieter time of year and had been Independence day so a busy week for drinking and partying. The next cook off will be Friday 16th October and is likely to be a pizza one as that has been requested many times and there are a few out there that can go against each other and prove who really has the best pizza in San Pedro.

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