Monday, January 11, 2010

Problematic 12 ft Croc relocated from San Pedro Town

Called to Ambergris by San Pedro Police, ACES captured a 12 foot problematic crocodile that has been spotted under DFC homes because of trenching activities in the area. The croc called 'Satan' by locals has been regularly fed illegally for years as a tourist attraction. Now that acres of red mangrove, wetland, critical, crocodile habitat has been destroyed due to trenching activities, American Crocodiles (a protected species) are on the move searching for new territories.

Now closer than ever to families homes, residents in DFC have been living in fear of one of these crocs taking a pet, or worse yet and very possible, a child. It was unbelievable how bold and fearless this particular croc was behaving. It has been fed so often that it actually associated the golf cart with a means of obtaining a meal. The croc will now be re-located to southern Belize and held in captivity at the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES). A croc population study should have been performed prior to trenching to determine what areas needed to remain intact for croc habitat and nesting, and to buffer homes from dangerous croc intrusions. Right now large females are extremely dangerous because they are gravid with eggs and are beginning to search for potential nesting areas. If the development continues and dredging follows through April, it is undetermined how many nest site may end up being destroyed. American Crocodiles are in danger of becoming extinct with only an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 left Worldwide. The reason they seem so plentiful here on the island is because Belize is one of the last strongholds for this modern day dinosaur. ACES has rescued over 30 crocodiles country-wide and has rehabilitated and re-released 10 crocs last year.

This croc will have to remain in captivity or otherwise be killed. ACES is in need of finishing a new secured habitat for Croc George, a large rouge male that has killed other rescued crocs at the facility. Chances are, being it is mating season, George may try to kill Satan. Trouble is, it is Satan's only chance at this point so we have to try. The sooner ACES can obtain funding to finish the much needed new croc habitat, the better the chance for Satans survival. Croc Satan has been re-named 'Clint Crocwood,' and although captivity is his fate, it is imperative to save as many of these American Crocs as possible. Researchers come to ACES to study the crocs as well as local school groups and tour guides. ACES teaches them all about these amazing reptiles and how to safely co-exist with them. Crocodile blood has been found to kill HIV and Herpes simplex in laboratory studies. At ACES we have the means of obtaining blood samples whenever needed. Please help with a tax deductible donation today. Go to and Help Take a Bite Out of Extinction! Documented by the San Pedro Sun Newspaper, Belize.

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