Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rapper Busta Rhymes 'Shines' in San Pedro

Moses Leviy or Shyne as he is known celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday. Reports are that he did it with family and close friends in his penthouse at the Renaissance Towers. Two of those close friends were rap star Busta Rhymes and Hot-97 deejay from New York City Angie Martinez.

They arrived on Saturday and flew straight to the La Perla Resort in North San Pedro. They returned to Belize City Sunday for what one family member described as a quiet and emotional dinner. Busta Rhymes and Angie Martinez made an appearance on Wave Radio last night. Before leaving yesterday he told Wave Radio why he came to visit Shyne.

Busta Rhymes, Visiting Shyne

“I just came out here to support my man Shyne and you know, just show and see him after this long stretch. The last time we saw him, we know it was in New York, it was winter time, it was cold, it was ten years ago so I just wanted to come out here and show love to the brother and make sure the people understood that the support for him is extremely importantly, especially at this time.

He is an incredible, number one. Number two, I think he has a greater purpose than just music. It is obvious what he is doing, running around speaking to the kids, trying to bring a whole another life to the city. You can see he is bringing people like us to the city.

We coming back in a couple of weeks because I am coming back for several reasons. I am coming back to spend more time, I am coming back to again visit my brother Shyne, and I am also just coming back to just enjoy the country a little bit longer because the trip was brief, I want to come back and sponge some of the culture a little more.”

Busta was very friendly with the locals on Saturday in San Pedro and after a quick interaction with his fans at the Tropic Air terminal he headed to BC’s Bar where he enjoyed a Belikin Beer while he waited for his skiff to take him up to his resort in North Ambergris Caye.

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