Wednesday, November 11, 2009

San Pedro Garifuna Calender of Events

San Pedro National Garifuna Council Calendar of Events 2009

- Friday November 13th, 2009:

*All day Huduth Sale @ 11:00am to 6:00pm

*Cultural Foods fundraising, Cultural Drumming

-Saturday November 14th, 2009:

*Uraga Night / Garifuna king @ 7:00pm

*Story telling night

*The Mr. Garifuna Competition at the Lions Den

-Sunday November 15th, Monday November 16th 2009:

*Garifuna Awareness day @ 10:00am to 5:00 pm

*Cultural Garifuna Exhibition

*Drumming at Central Park Palapa

- Tuesday November 17th, 2009:

*School Talent Show @ 7:00pm

*Cultural talent show at the Lions Den

- Wednesday November 18, 2009:

*Battle of the Drums / all night drumming. @ 7:00pm

*Cultural night Show at central park

*Jankunu Dancers from Dangriga

*Live band Punta rock music

- Thursday November 19th, 2009:

*Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations / Award ceremonies @ 2:00 pm

*The reenactment of the Garinagu, arriving to Belize @ 6:00 am

*Cultural Parade around San Pedro Town

*Live Band Punta rock music

*Cultural Activities at the Central Park

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