Monday, August 3, 2009

Belize National Basketball team visits La Isla

Friday night saw more than just the Prime Minster on La Isla, but it also brought about basketball stars to the shores of the island. Milton Palacio, Kent Burgess, and the Belize National Basketball team members made it to the island for a signing party at the SunBreeze suites. Although the turn out was dismal, the guys mingled and enjoyed the change of venue from Belize City. Here, the guys enjoyed the night life, food, and its freindly people. Everywhere they went, fans who recognized the guys asked for autographs and took pictures with their favorite players. The 13 basketball players will represent Belize in the Cocaba Championship Tournament in Cancun, Mexico.
(Pics courtesy SPSUN
Team Belize consists of: Gene Myvett, Charles Burgess, Dakkin Braddick, Stephen Williams, Marlon Garnett, Clinton Fuller, Keith Acosta, Herbie Allen, Greg Rudon, Milton Palacio, Richard Troyer, Alex Carcamo, Sonny Watson, Keenan Jourdan.

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