Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taste of Belize slated for Saturday!

The eighth Annual Taste of Belize will be held on Saturday at Old Belize. The event is the Belize Tourism Board’s signature culinary event aimed at highlighting excellence in the culinary arts, by promoting the food and beverage sector of Belize's tourism industry. Coordinator Raymond Mossiah told LoveFM more.
Raymond Mossiah: Coordinator, Taste of Belize
We will be having a lot more Belizean food. We will also be having some beach games that are going to be very exciting, but the main focus of the event is going to be to showcase Belizean talent and to encourage our locals to get involved in this profession because it is a very lucrative profession. This event is usually held by itself and usually at a different time of the year; earlier on in the year. However, this year we decided to integrate it into the September celebrations. Participants are going to be competing in the professional chef competition, the young professional chef competition, the bar tending competition as well as the cake decorating competition. For the bartending competitions we have elimination rounds to determine whether you will reach the finals. Likewise for the professional chef competition we will have two eliminations rounds and that will determine if you will reach the finals. For the cake decorating competition as well as for the young professional chefs there is only one round; that is primarily because of time constraints because our day is very packed.”
Chef Competition
Every year Professional Chef’s from top hotels and restaurants enter the competition to win the coveted title of chef of the year. The competition also welcomes apprentice chefs and individuals who enjoy making and decorating cakes. The main purpose being to encourage locals to get involved in the culinary art as it is a relatively high paying career. Mossiah says that those who attend can expect nothing but the best in Belizean food and entertainment.

Raymond Mossiah: Coordinator, Taste of Belize
In terms of the food that will be available at the buffet we will have pebil, shrimp seviche, cow foot soup, rice and beans and stew chicken. There will also be cassava bread, bean dip, potato pound and a salad bar that will have different types of salads. What the chefs will be preparing is going to be available for the general public. During the day and even at night when there is the finals for the professional chef competition we have chef’s preparing four dishes; two are for judging and one is for display. If you are lucky you can get a small sample of the dish that the professional chef’s actually prepare. We have the patriotic song winner performing as well as the carnival song winner and we have some of the carnival song winner and we have some of the carnival revelers that we are getting as entertainment as well. People need to know that this event is usually sold out so it is a very popular event and they need to get their tickets early.”

Cake Decorating

The all day event will start at nine in the morning and will run until about nine-30 in the night. Tickets are available for 35 dollars at the Belize Tourism Board’s office on Regent Street.

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