Friday, August 28, 2009

San Pedro Vehicle Moratorium still in effect

Vehicle Moratorium in place
Since July, the Ambergris Caye Traffic Control Committee (ACTCC) implemented a moratorium on the importation of any vehicle (other than golf carts) into the island. The moratorium is to last for a period of six months and will end in January 2010.
According to ACTCC Chairman Councilor Severo Guerrero, Sr. this was found to be necessary since at the moment there seems to be an oversaturation of vehicles on Ambergris Caye. During the period that the moratorium is in effect, Councilor Guerrero commented that they will be able to properly determine the exact number of vehicles on the island based on their respective types. “To my knowledge,” he explains, “there has not been a proper accounting as to how many vehicles are on the island. This is what we need to do. Update the system to accurately decipher how many vehicles are here at any given time.”
Candelaria Saldivar Montero, Transport Commissioner at the Department of Transport in Belmopan explained that according to ACTCC Act SI 125 of 1996, ACTCC is the body authorized for the importation of vehicles on the island. As such, ACTCC can hold a moratorium for any given period of time.

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