Friday, August 14, 2009

Martime Taxi Service to and from Belize/Chetumal activated!

The Maritime Taxi Service between Chetumal and Belize will take off this Saturday, August 15th, which should detonate tourism growth in the South of the State of Quintana Roo, said Andres Morcillo, Mayor of Othon P Blanco municipality. "This is the result of negotiations with the neighboring government. Beginning Saturday, Belizean entrepreneurs will operate the first maritime route for the transport of toursim that will cover the circuit between Chetumal's Fiscal dock, Sarteneja, San Pedro, Xcalak which should last approximately one hour.
Belize investors discovered the potential in the Chetumal Bay and the service should generate endless benefits for families in the south of the state"... "Belizeans will now have mopre access to the state. This new service should detonate tourism growth in the Chetumal and the Costa Maya. without a doubt the benefits should soon be seen. This will give a boost to the ecotourism plans for the Chetumal Bay in the near future," ended Andres Morcillo.

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