Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mexico and Belize's 1st Annual Shrimp Fair

Mexico is having its first international shrimp fair and it coincides with Shrimp Week celebrated from August eight to the fourteenth. The two-day event, which will be held in Chetumal, Quintana Roo on the fifteenth and sixteen of August, is expected to boost the exportation of shrimp to Mexico from Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. The exhibition is expected to attract a large number of investors who are looking for markets and services in the industry. On display will also be technology involved in the farming process and samples of the crustacean available at different aquaculture farms. At a press conference held at the Mexican Institute in Belize City today, officials from various sectors in Quintana Roo said the fair will also include cultural exchanges from participating countries.

According to the Ambassador, fifty percent of the shrimp produced in Belize at farms such as Royal Mayan Shrimp Farm and Belize Aquaculture Limited is bought by Mexico. (as Reported by Channel 5 News)

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